Tahk Omakase Sushi is the first true Japanese sushi restaurant in Steamboat Springs and follows a traditional sushi style called Edo-Mae and Izakaya. The Edo-Mae style of sushi refers to preserving and curing the highest quality sushi-grade fish from the Toyosu Fish Market in Japan (formerly the famous Tsukiji Market). Izakaya refers to traditional hot plate options such as tempura and marinated, grilled foods.

When we re-open for dine-in service, Tahk Omakase offers one of the most exciting dining experiences found in Steamboat at our Omakase bar. Omakase translates to chef’s choice, which allows our guests a chance to expand their palate by tasting different types of fish delicacies that our head Chef creates right at the bar. Every dinner had at the Omakase bar is truly one of the most unique dinners you can find in Steamboat. Every traditional sushi dinner would not be complete without a glass or bottle of Japanese Sake or beer, and we have the best selection in town of both.

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