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Daily Fish List

Nigiri - 2 pc
Sashimi - 3 pc
Akami (Bluefin Tuna)$13$17
Ama Ebi (Jumbo Raw Sweet Shrimp)$16$20
Anago (Sea Eel)$12$16
Bachi Maguro (Big Eye Tuna)$13$17
Beni Sake (Sockeye Salmon)$14$18
Bonito Katsuo (Black Tuna)$10$14
Chu-Toro (Medium Fat Bluefin Tuna)$15$20
Dashi Tamago (Egg Omelette)$8$11
Ebi (Jumbo Black Tiger Shrimp)$12$16
Goma Saba (Japanese Mackerel)$14$18
Hamachi (Yellowtail)$10$14
Hamachi Kama (Yellow Tail Cheek, Seared & Baked)n/a$20
Hamachi Toro (Yellowtail Belly)$14$18
Hiramasa (Kingfish)$12$16
Hokkaido Uni (Sea Urchin)$2230
Hotate (Japanese Scallops)$13$17
Kamasu (Japanese Baracuda)$15$20
Kinmedai (Golden Eye Snapper)$15$22
Korean Hirame (Fluke)$12$16
Kurodai (Black Snapper)$12$16
Madai (Red Snapper)$12$16
Mongo Ika (Japanese Squid)$10$14
Oh-Toro (Bluefin Fatty Belly)$22$32
Ora-Sake (NZ King Salmon)$12$16
Ora-Sake Toro (NZ King Salmon Belly)$14$18
Sake (Scottish Salmon)$9$12
Sake Toro (Scottish Salmon Belly)$13$17
Tabiko Roe (Salmon Roe)$12$16
Shogun (Scallop Nigiri topped with Bluefin fatty tuna, ligthly Seared, with soy glaze)$16$24
Suzuki (Sea Bass)$15$18
Tako (South African Octopus)$12$16
Umi-Masu (Ocean Trout)$12$18
Umi-Masu Toro (Ocean Belly Trout)$14$20
Uni (Santa Barbara Sea Urchin)$18n/a
Zuke Maguro (Marinated Big Eye Tuna)$10$14
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Winter Hours

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Otherwise you can leave a voicemail and we will respond our next business day.

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